Israel Music Videos: The Power of the Gospel and Music Combined

Israel Music Videos

I was thinking about our ongoing series on the use of Israel music videos in evangelism when Romans 11:26 popped up in my mind. Immediately, I flipped my Bible open to that verse, and it was really inspiring to see again that God is committed to Israel’s salvation.

And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written: “The Deliverer will come out of Zion, And He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob.” (Romans 11:26)

In case you’re feeling discouraged about evangelizing the unsaved in Israel, let Paul’s words in this verse inspire a fresh passion in you.

That said, let’s continue with our discussion on using Israel music videos in evangelism. This is our third article in the series – in case you missed the first two articles, you can read them here and here.

But before we go into our study, let’s briefly recap what we’ve learned. So far, we’ve discussed how King David used his God-given talent as a musician to sing the Gospel message.

In Psalms 32:7, this patriarch of the faith prophesied that God would surround him with songs of deliverance. And after contextually studying the entire chapter, we discovered that King David was speaking about our deliverance from sin – just like God had earlier promised in Genesis 3:15. Glory to God, Yeshua came and fulfilled that promise.

In this post, we will be considering the power of the Gospel and music combined.

The Power of the Gospel and Music Combined

Many years ago, a believer asked me why I was so enthusiastic about using music videos in evangelism. I smiled and replied, “Because I know music is a powerful tool for communicating deep truths.”

The fellow, an old believer, was more comfortable with the street evangelism approach and didn’t see the need for the digital efforts we are making today. But I’m grateful to God that we had a great discussion that day, and he later saw things from a new perspective.

As much as I would like to share my discussion with the believer who asked why I love music evangelism, this blog is too short to explore our conversation in full detail. But I’ll try to summarize our conclusions in five points below.

1. Music is a Unifier

Music is an integral part of our daily life, believers and unbelievers alike. According to statistics, an average person listens to about 961 hours and 10 minutes of music yearly. Mathematically, that is an average of 158 minutes of music per day.

If I guessed right, you are probably surprised to find the figures to be this high. I was dumbfounded myself when I first saw the statistics!

As we believe God for revival in Israel, music is a tool we can add to our evangelistic toolkit. Creative media ministries like ours are already taking advantage of this, and you should consider doing the same also.

Just in the last two weeks, three of our evangelistic Hebrew songs have had over half a million views in Israel via YouTube and Facebook! As the Scripture says, the knowledge of the glory of the Lord is filling the earth (Habakkuk 2:14) – and glory to God, Israel is not left behind!

From years of experience, I know that if the same message was shared through articles or even explanatory videos, Israelis wouldn’t have interacted with the content this much. But thank God they are watching our music videos, and the Gospel seed is being planted in their hearts!

Music Communicates Emotion

Sometimes, I struggle to find the right words to describe God’s love – and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this problem. But music allows us to communicate our thoughts in an emotional yet spiritual tone.

With the help of God and the generous donations of our partners, we have been able to create several Israel music videos that have all these qualities.

Music Captivates Attention

creative media ministries

When it comes to getting people’s attention, I dare say that we have much more to deal with today in evangelism than they did in the Book of Acts. Over the years, the average attention span of humans has significantly reduced. Research shows that the attention span of an average human today is only about 8.25 seconds.

Today, we are not only battling with misinterpretations of the Scripture in Israel in regards to faith in Yeshua – we are also struggling to get people’s attention. Most people, young folks especially, can hardly stay attentive in a discussion for a few minutes.

It is needless to say, but I’m sure you know this problem is not just unique to evangelism. Even marketers are lamenting that selling products/services is now more difficult than ever. Music provides a way out of this situation, and I’m thankful that several great commission media ministries like ours are taking advantage of its capabilities.

Music communicates emotions and has a unique way of captivating attention. If we can’t get people’s attention to study the Bible in a verbal conversation, we sure can share music videos with them.

Many Israelis are liking, commenting, and sharing our music video clips. We cannot be more thankful to God for how effective these music videos have been!

We Can Share the Gospel on the Go!

Finally, through the combined use of music and the internet, we can share the Gospel on the go! Music videos are digital resources we can share anywhere – in our homes, in transit, at work – anywhere!

Wrap Up

As a ministry, one of our God-given mandates is to reach Israelis through evangelistic music, and He has always provided us with the ideas, the people, and the talent to do so. By the grace of God, our music videos are used in a major way by many to preach the Gospel in Hebrew. From our experience so far, I can tell you that music and the Gospel combined and adequately used is a great evangelistic force.

I am grateful to God that several other Jewish evangelism ministries in Israel are joining us to do the same. In the next article, I’ll share practical ways you can personally use music videos to evangelize the unsaved around you.

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