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Evangelism in the Hebrew Language

Today more than ever, there is an urgent need to reach Israel with the saving message of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). Only 0.01% of the Jewish people in Israel presently believe in Jesus, and most have never heard the gospel or even know His Hebrew name – Yeshua – the name which carries a message that every Jewish heart yearns to hear: SALVATION!

We at Israel Media Ministries believe that something major needs to be done. We cannot keep silent in face of this tragic reality. This is why we are maximizing our efforts to share the gospel in Israel. We need to preach this saving truth to the masses, to reach out to the millions of lost Jewish souls with His love. And, thank God, there is a way for us to do that – through media, through the airwaves, through the internet!

Israel is one of the biggest consumers of media worldwide. At least 71.6% of Israelis surf the internet. Using strategic planning and creative methods we are doing everything possible to meet them where they are, on the web and other media outlets.

With many years of experience in the Israeli advertising field and in full time evangelism on the Israeli mission field, God has equipped and prepared us for the task. We use our firsthand understanding of the Israeli Jewish culture and fluency in Hebrew to communicate God’s message straight to the heart and in the “heart language” of the people of Israel.

The numbers speak for themselves. In each Israeli advertising outreach we are reaching millions. We are maximizing Jewish evangelism. Would you join us in this great mission? Will you stand with us for Israel’s salvation?

71.6% of Israelis
Surf the Internet

#1 Nation in Time Spent
on Facebook & YouTube

0.01% of Jewish People
In Israel Believe in Jesus

Follow Up and Discipleship Networks

Israel Media Ministries is committed to do more than proclaim the gospel to the people of Israel. This is only part of our vision and call. In accordance with the Great Commission, we are making disciples, baptizing them in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to keep everything that Jesus commanded us.

For that reason, while we are “on the air” through a variety of media outlets, we are right there “on the ground.” Our advertising outreaches attract many Jewish people who willingly give us their contact details in order for us to send them the New Testament (in Hebrew, English or any other language) and more reading materials about the Jewish Messiah Jesus. This is when our follow up and discipleship teams move into action. Through our network of leaders and congregations in Israel, the US and worldwide, we are able to follow up with each and every person who is open to hearing more about Jesus. We give them a call, visit with them, study the Bible with them, lead them to local congregations and do all we can to help them reach their fullest potential in God.

This is a team ministry. Would you join us? Wherever you are on the globe, you can be a significant part of our team. We are looking for active ministers, prayer partners, and financial supporters. Together we will see Israel saved!