Reach Israel

להגיע לישראל

Did God pour His love for Israel and the Jewish people into your heart? Has He reveled to you His divine plan for Israel? Have you been given the desire to play a significant part in bringing the gospel message back to the place and the people from which it was birthed?

You may not know the Jewish culture as well as you’d like, and you may not know Hebrew well enough to express your heavenly love to the Jews, but we do! Hebrew is our native language and we have first-hand knowledge of the Israeli mind and Jewish society. Together we can effectively share the gospel with millions of Jews in Israel, in the USA and around the world!

God gives different people and ministries unique burdens. Ours is to see Israel saved. We are going out over the internet and through media outlets into millions of Jewish homes worldwide, sharing the New Testament message of Yeshua with everyone who has ears to hear. Our focus is to see the nation of Israel set free from lies that have been told by its religious leaders for 2,000 years. We will see Israel saved!

Would you like to help us reach all of Israel? If God has given you a heart for Israel, we would be honored to serve God by partnering with you in Jewish evangelism.

How Can You Help?

By praying daily for Israel to be saved and for Israel Media Ministries to have a strong impact in Jewish communities through our evangelism and discipleship of new believers. Prayer is a powerful weapon in holy hands. We don’t just want your prayers; we need them! We need the spiritual support of a team of committed prayer warriors who will keep Jewish souls before the throne of God. If you’d like to commit to praying for us and for Israel to be saved, please download this PDF of our ongoing prayer requests: <link to PDF>

By becoming a monthly donor. It takes a steady stream of income to keep producing evangelistic materials and paying to release them in Israel and in other Jewish-heavy populations. Our monthly donors are the backbone of our ministry. They are responsible for us being able to reach more than 6.3 MILLION Israelis with the gospel thus far! We’d be honored to have you join the ranks with them at whatever giving amount God has placed on your heart. You can click here to start the process:

By sowing a financial seed. We believe in the biblical principles of sowing and reaping, giving generously and storing up treasures in heaven. What better way to accomplish all three than by happily sowing a financial seed into the good soil of a ministry determined to win souls for Yeshua? Your seed of any amount will be a blessing to the people of Israel and will help carry the message of salvation into homes around the world. You can sow your seed here:

By setting up a charitable trust. Leaving a legacy matters to us all. But what kind of legacy will you leave? If you want your legacy to be one of sharing the saving message of Yeshua with His people, you can make a plan now to enjoy the act of giving during your lifetime while still balancing your income needs and the needs of your beneficiaries. Contact our president, Ze’ev Nevo today at to begin the process.