Did God pour His love for Israel and the Jewish people into your heart? Has He reveled to you His divine plan for Israel? Have you been given the desire to play a significant part in bringing the gospel message back to the place and the people from which it was birthed?

Israel Media Ministries is here to serve you in order to complete the good work that God has started in you! You may not know the Jewish culture as well as you’d liked to, or you may not know Hebrew good enough to express your heavenly love to them, but together we can share the gospel with millions of Jewish people in Israel, in the USA or anywhere else in the world!

God is giving different people and ministries unique burdens for specific population groups. Which one has he given to you? Would you like to reach out to the entire people of Israel? Or maybe He has given you a special love for religious Jews, immigrant Jews from the former Soviet Union, secular Jews, or the new age community?

With Hebrew as our native mother tongue and our first-hand knowledge of the Israeli mind and the Jewish society, we can help your ministry reach out to your targeted Jewish audience through a variety of media outlets.

We believe that God has anointed you for a specific ministry field in which He has gifted you tremendously – whether it is apologetics, testimonials, a vision for young adults, Bible translation/ distribution, or any other type of ministry. Could it be that God’s plan is to use your specific gifting to reach Israel with the same saving message through which the God of Israel reached you? If He has given you a heart for Israel, it is more than likely the case. We will be honored to serve God by serving you.

Israel Media Ministries is experiencing those kinds of divine appointments. This is a big part of why we exist. God has a way of partnering ministries for His purposes. Would you bring it before that Lord and ask for His will? It may be that God has placed you in your position “for such a time as this.” Together we can maximize Jewish Evangelism, Reach Israel and people all across the globe.

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