The Importance of Christian Evangelism Ministries in Israel

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In this blog, we’ll continue our four-part overview of Christian evangelism ministries in Israel. Last time, we examined the history of these ministries. We traced the history of many of these Christian evangelistic ministries, including ours, to the passion and enthusiasm of the founders toward evangelism.

I used our ministry, Israel Media Ministries, as an example. Our journey into becoming a evangelistic ministry is largely tied to the God-inspired passion I had for the salvation of the unsaved in Israel after I came to my own saving faith. Some years later, I felt the need to commit myself to evangelizing my fellow Israelis. I knew that was God stirring me up to do His will, so I obeyed and started working with an evangelistic organization in Israel.

After serving this ministry for some years, God gave me a personal vision to start a ministry that would reach the Jewish people in Israel specifically through the media. It was this vision that birthed Israel Media Ministries in 2011.

This year we celebrated our eleventh year of ministerial work. Looking back at the awe-inspiring work that God done in and through us in Israel over the years, I cannot agree more with Leonard Ravenhill’s popular quote about evangelism which says:

“Any method of evangelism will work if God is in it.”

Through our evangelistic outreaches on social media platforms, the Gospel message has reached millions of people in Israel and beyond. Even though we are yet to see the massive harvest of souls that we desire, we know the seed of the Word has been sown in people’s hearts and will grow and produce fruit in time. We are already seeing the softening of hearts, which is evident through the positive notes and feedback our videos are receiving on YouTube!

In continuation of this four-part series, I want us to discuss the importance of Christian evangelism ministries in Israel, like ours, especially now that we are in the digital era.

The Importance of Christian Evangelism Ministries in Israel

There’s much to say about the importance of evangelistic ministries like ours in the end-time harvest of souls in Israel – much more than a short post like this can contain. However, here are three basic ways these ministries have been helpful in evangelizing the lost:

1. Express Access of the Gospel to the Unsaved

Getting people to want or care to have an evangelistic discussion is not easy. Years ago, there were fewer distractions, but with the bombarding of information today, people have become impatient and distracted. In my opinion, it was easier for the believers in Acts to have fruitful evangelistic outreaches across cities because news and information did not spread as quickly.

Today, people are rarely available for real-time, in-person discussions – not at their workplaces, homes, or public spaces. Conversation has been driven to email and texting, allowing people to respond at their convenience. This continuous rise in the use of technology and the internet has significantly impacted every aspect of the average human life, including our relationships and the ways in which we communicate.

As of April 2022, global internet usage had risen to 63.1% of the world’s population. And 59% of this 63.1% are social media users. If we are serious about preaching the Gospel to our fellow Israelis, we have to go to where they are: on the internet.

Thankfully, evangelism ministries in Israel like ours are using various media outlets to preach the Gospel to the unsaved. By God’s grace, we’ve been employing Scripture-based concepts that the average Jewish person can relate to, like the Hear O Israel project, to share the New Testament Gospel with them. The lost in Israel now have express access to the Gospel message through our evangelistic outreaches on media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and the like!

2. On-time Answers to Real Questions

Apart from giving the unsaved express access to the Gospel message, evangelism ministries like ours also provide on-time answers and clarifications to the questions and confusions the lost have about the Messiahship of Yeshua. As you know, Israel has many rabbis who misinterpret the Scripture in relation to the Messiah’s coming. The truth of Yeshua is not widely known.

People who are confused about what to believe embark on a quest to discover the truth by searching the internet for answers to their questions. By the grace of God, our ministry and several other evangelism ministries in Israel have been relentlessly putting out Bible-based and Yeshua-centered content like articles and videos that answer many of these questions.

3. Training Believers How to Share their Faith Effectively

Christian ministries in IsraelFinally, evangelism ministries in Israel, like ours, are training the small number of believers in Israel how to share their faith effectively. Many of our articles are specifically devoted to this goal. Recently, we released a series on the Hear O Israel prayer, where we drew vital lessons on how to be an effective evangelist in Israel.

Ever since God gave us the vision to start this ministry, we have consistently shared evangelistic content that has, over the years, helped many believers to become committed and effective soul-winners. For example, an act as simple as wearing a Yeshua t shirt could help draw people’s attention and give us the opportunity to have an engaging evangelistic discussion with them.

If you are trusting God to be effective in your mandate to preach the Gospel, you will find the content on our blog and our social media accounts helpful.

Final Thoughts

For these reasons and more, the importance of Christian evangelism ministries in Israel cannot be understated. We are committed to helping overcome many of the peculiar challenges of evangelism in Israel. We hope you will read our blogs and gain greater insight into how you can reveal Yeshua as Messiah to your Jewish friends and family. In the next article, we’ll look at how effective evangelistic ministries have been in Israel.

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