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Over the centuries, door-to-door evangelism has been a fantastic means of reaching the unsaved. I’ve had amazing results from it myself, by the grace of God, and I believe this is true for many others as well. However, with my participation in creative media ministries over the years, I can tell you that media-based evangelism can be just as effective as door-to-door evangelism.

Media in EvangelismI am aware that some believers have resentment towards the use of media-based evangelism. After all, Yeshua and the Apostles physically went from place to place preaching the Gospel – and they had had breathtaking results with that approach (Acts 2:41; Acts 4:4)! After reading these accounts and several others in the book of Acts, it is normal to be inclined to follow the same pattern.

I want you to know I’m not saying we should quit going from house to house evangelizing. Not at all! As much as we have the opportunity, let’s keep evangelizing on the streets. I simply want to present another effective tool that we can add to our toolkit as we trust God for a great harvest of souls in Israel.

In this blog, I will explain how we can rightly harness opportunities for media-based evangelism. But before that, let’s look at a few reasons for why incorporating media would make for a great strategy in evangelizing the lost in Israel.

How Can Media Aid Our Evangelism Efforts in Israel?

Media could aid our efforts in Jewish evangelism ministries today through a variety of means. However, from my perspective, the greatest of those is the opportunity it would give us to reach the unsaved in mass.

Jewish evangelism ministriesCurrently, over 60 percent of the world’s population are active internet users. In Israel, well over 80 percent of the total population were internet users as of January 2021! I’m sure the figures are even higher today.

So by internet alone, we can reach millions of Israelis with the Gospel that we would not otherwise be able to reach. This is why we use our social media platforms as a ministry in addition to sharing edifying content here on our website.

Media also makes a great evangelistic tool for those who feel they do not know enough from the Scripture to have real-time conversations. If that is you, you can source evangelistic content from creative media ministries like ours, sharing them via the internet.

Television and radio broadcasts are other media opportunities we can take advantage of to reach every household today. And because many programs are duplicated as online content, you can still share them with those you meet through social media and email.

There are several other benefits to incorporating media in our evangelistic efforts, but let’s leave it there and talk about how to use this great tool in evangelizing the lost in Israel for a moment.

Simple Ways of Using Media in Evangelism

We really can’t exhaust all the ways, but here are a few simple ideas of how you can use social media platforms in evangelism. Inarguably, they are the most readily available media means to all of us at this point!

1. Share Evangelistic Articles

Messianic propheciesBusinesses are increasingly leveraging social media platforms to reach their target market. You’ve probably bought an item online after stumbling upon a captivating advertisement. Since the internet is growing to be the latest “gold mine” for businesses, nothing stops us from taking kingdom business there too.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter are amazing platforms where we can release God’s Word. You can create engaging posts and tweets about how Yeshua fulfilled the Messianic prophecies. If you are not comfortable writing posts like these, you can share excerpts from articles on our blog and add the links underneath.

If your posts have a good hook (or first line), people will keep reading and reach out to converse with you on the topic. From there, you can prayerfully share more details about the Gospel with them.

2. Upload Infographics

great commission media ministriesAs effective as sharing articles can be, not every internet user loves to read lengthy posts. Infographics (information + graphics) are very helpful in this case. Using visuals and texts, we can communicate the beautiful story of redemption to the dying world. You’ve probably seen some great commission media ministries doing this online. As a ministry, we try to take advantage of this as well in reaching the lost sheep of Israel.

In a similar way, you can source or create evangelistic infographics and share them on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

3. Share Videos

Videos provide yet another opportunity to spread the Gospel. They have this unique way of capturing attention and conveying a message in an engaging way.

Apart from our blog, we share video testimonies on our YouTube channel of Jews and Gentiles who now believe in Yeshua. You can check them out here. We believe that this could inspire other unbelievers to come to a saving knowledge of the truth.

Hear O Israel and Israel Music Evangelism are other projects where we put out helpful video content that evangelizes Israel. These projects include visual explanations of Scripture and Israel music videos. It only takes a few swipes and clicks on your smartphone to share content like this to your social media timeline. You could start right now!

Final Thoughts

Thanks to media advancements, we can do more from the comfort of our homes to evangelize the lost sheep of the house of Israel than ever before. In fact, it provides us with the rare privilege of reaching many people at once – even millions! By sharing evangelistic articles, infographics, and videos, we can fill Israel with the knowledge of God’s glory. I encourage you to join our ministry and other creative media ministries to spread the sweet-smelling savor of the Gospel in Israel through the use of media.

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