Support for Israel More Important Now than Ever Before in this End-Time Hour

Support for Israel

Watching the news recently you would agree that support for Israel from the United States is not as strong as it should be. We hear of the Israeli prime minister “snubbing” a visit to the United States ostensibly because of not wanting to meddle in election year campaigning; and our own President choosing not to meet with the Prime […]

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In Israel Bible Scholars Will Soon Digitize Dead Sea Scrolls

Israel Bible

The Dead Sea Scrolls are some of the oldest living fragments validating the integrity of the Torah. To date however the scrolls have survived only in their native form as written fragments. That is about to change soon. In Israel Bible scholars will work with computer scientists and other experts in Germany to digitize and […]

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Pentecost: a Harvest of Souls for Yeshua


What do believers in Yeshua mean when they speak of Pentecost or Shavuot? The Feast of Pentecost was one of many important feasts instituted by God in the Old Testament.  It took place fifty days after Passover, and because of this, it is sometimes called the Feast of Weeks (seven weeks). (Lev. 23:15-16) It is […]

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Support for Israel Means Disavowing Terror and Recognizing Sovereignty

Support for Israel

In this hour when the world in general and the United Nations in particular is clamoring for Israel to succumb to an unbiblical “two-state solution,” let’s be clear on one thing: genuine support for Israel means recognizing its national sovereignty and a genuine commitment to peace without conditions. Groups such as a Hamas, Hezbollah and […]

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Christians Should Support Politicians Who Bless Israel

I try not to get too entangled in the vagaries of politics, whether in a presidential election year or in any other political cycle. God did not call me into politics! But I do stand firm on certain convictions that I believe should not be compromised. One of those is the firm belief that Christians […]

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The Meaning of Passover

Meaning of Passover

Every year Jewish people in Israel and in many other countries around the world celebrate the Passover, the feast that serves as a remembrance of Israel’s deliverance from captivity and bondage to its oppressors. It is a memorial marked by delicious food, candles, recitation and of course a time of reflection on all that God […]

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Celebrating Christ in the Passover Despite Political Controversy

Christ in the Passover

It seems these days that just about anything that touches Israel becomes a topic of controversy, and the Passover feast is no exception. For us, as believers in Yeshua, of course we celebrate Christ in the Passover, not simply the feast, but to others the feast points to Israel which has made it a flashpoint […]

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