Loving Israel Biblically

There are millions of Christians that say that they love Israel and the Jewish people. But do they really? What would be the determining factor for us to identify a true Biblical love for Israel? The answer to this question can only be found in the Bible.

Here I am, sitting in a big Christian event that is held to honor Israel. Christian leaders traveled across the nation to take part in this special event. The Israeli flag is raised. The Israeli national hymn – Ha’Tikvah (meaning “the hope” in Hebrew) – is being sung. Passionate speeches are being spoken, emphasizing the fact that the land of Israel was given by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — to the Jewish people.

You would assume that being a Jewish Israeli believer in Jesus-Yeshua, I would be overjoyed and encouraged to see such love and support from Christians for my people and my nation. After all, why shouldn’t I be? Isn’t it a blessing that so many Christians come together to show their unwavering support for Israel? What else can an Israeli Jew like me hope for? Especially when at the same time so many US churches fall captive to false theology and extremely distorted historical facts and see Israel as an evil occupying oppressor?

As strange as it may sound to some at first, not just that I wasn’t filled with joy, I actually felt very uncomfortable all through the event, eventually leaving with very cumbersome emotions, yet – more determined than ever to be used by God for Israel’s sake!

So what is my problem then? Why am I not satisfied? Let me tell you why.

The attendees of this event were not just Christians; there were many Jewish people as well — unsaved Jewish people. Also, not all the speakers were Christians; some of them were Jewish Israeli officials – yes, you guessed it right – unsaved Jewish officials. Yet, absolutely nothing was mentioned throughout the entire event about the need for all people, Jews and Gentiles alike, to place their faith in Jesus-Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah of Israel! Not even a hint of it!!

Actually the message was quite the opposite. Every pair of Jewish ears that were there left with a clear message that Jews don’t need to believe in Jesus-Yeshua.

Let me give you just one of the “highlights” of the evening. One of the speakers mentioned that his desire is to show the Jewish people something that they never saw before from Christians – LOVE. It was evident that in his mind he is trying to compensate for the Anti-Semitic horrors that were done to the Jewish people by the “Church” throughout history, demonstrated in the Crusades (“Die because you killed God”) the Spanish inquisition (“Be baptized or Die”) and finally in the Holocaust (“DIE! DIE! DIE!”) His solution is to show them that there are Christians that actually don’t want Jews to “convert” to Christianity, don’t want Jews to be baptized – and more surprising – don’t want the Jews to die. Yes, there are Christians that simply “love” the Jewish people. Thus, his message is “we love you, we support you, we bless you.”

But is this the message of the Bible? Is this the message of the Gospel?? Is this the message that Jesus-Yeshua commissioned us to go and preach?? Is this a Biblical expression of love towards the Jewish people??? Clearly not!!!

This page cannot contain the almost endless list of verses that prove that Jews, like any other human beings, are sinners in need of a Savior that will save them from their sins. Why go far? A simple look at the first chapter of the first Gospel makes it as clear as possible. In Matthew chapter 1 we read that the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in his dream and said to him: “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will bear a son, and you shall call his name YESHUA, for he will save his people from their sins.” You see, His Name carries the purpose of His mission. God named His Son, the Jewish Messiah of Israel – Yeshua – which in Hebrew means Salvation. Why? Well… because HE will SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SIN.

Again, this basic Biblical truth, which is really the cornerstone of the Christian faith, can be easily proven by the Word of God with hundreds of verses, both from the Old Testament and the New Testament. I find it amazing that people that read the Bible and even write countless books about the Bible, even specifically about what the Bible says about Israel, can be blind to this fundamental truth. We know from scripture that “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” (2 Cor. 2:4).

Apparently, not just that the god of this world blinds the Jewish people from seeing the light of the Gospel, he also blinds the minds of Christians – even Christians that “love Israel” – from understanding that they are called to love Israel by sharing with them the Gospel, the message of GOD’S LOVE, as beautifully worded in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that WHOEVER believes in Him should NOT PERISH but have ETERNAL LIFE.”

Yes, “whoever” does not exclude the Jewish people! And yes, without faith in YESHUA every Jewish soul will PERISH!!

So let’s concentrate on what you and I can do to be the ones who LOVE ISRAEL BIBLICALLY. Simply put – give them the Gospel! And that’s exactly what we do. As I shared in previous posts, we launched the “HEAR O ISRAEL” campaign – a cutting edge visual presentation of the Gospel of Matthew IN HEBREW on YouTube, a video per chapter. Starting with Matthew chapter 1. By now, we completed all 28 chapters of Matthew and we are pressing forward to produce the Gospel of John! If you haven’t seen it yet, please click HERE. While the videos share the Gospel message in Hebrew, I added English subtitle just for you.

To produce each a video of each Hebrew chapter take an investment of $3,000.  The cost turns out to be just about $100 per verse.

Dear brother or sister in Messiah, please help us LOVE ISRAEL BIBLICALLY by sharing the Word of God in the most effective way possible today – YouTube! Whether you are able to fund one verse today, one verse per month, or perhaps even a whole chapter  – your Love Offering to Israel is highly needed and appreciated by Israel Media Ministries. But most importantly – by God Himself.

Let’s love Israel Biblically together.

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