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Loving Israel Biblically

There are millions of Christians that say that they love Israel and the Jewish people. But do they really? What would be the determining factor for us to identify a true Biblical love for Israel? The answer to this question can only be found in the Bible. Here I am, …

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Being an Esther for Israel

This month the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide will celebrate the feast of Purim and read the book of Esther. What a great opportunity for you and me to discover how this story directly relates to us today and to our role for Israel’s salvation. As a kid growing …

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Hear O Israel!

The Bible says that “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of the Lord.” That being the case, it is pretty clear what we need to do for Israel to come to saving faith in Jesus. But what is the most effective way to do it in the …

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Reaching Religious Jews Together

Did you know that there are Religious Jews that believe in Jesus? Yes there are! We can find them In Israel, the US, and around the world - and with God’s grace and your prayers and support in 2014, many more are coming! Now that all the presents have been …

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Going Cyber For Israel

I hope that you had a blessed Thanksgiving and a happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The big question now is -- what comes next? Where are we heading today? So now that the Thanksgiving weekend, with all the food, the gifts and the deals is behind us - what …

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The Shocking New Israeli Trend

As an Israeli Jew and a son of a Holocaust survivor, I was more than surprised when I realized what the latest trend is in the Israeli society. Believe it or not, many Israelis are choosing to leave Israel and go live in no other than… Berlin, Germany. It was …

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Was Jesus Born On Tabernacles?

During this last week millions of Jews in Israel and worldwide have been celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles, also known as the Feast of Booths or Sukkot. Could it be that this joyous feast begins exactly on the day Jesus was born? Growing up in Jerusalem, I remember how every …

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Provoking The Jews To Jealousy

As the winds of war are surrounding Israel, we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem. But let us not stop there. God has called us to “Provoke the Jews to Jealousy.” Let’s try to find out why and how we should do that. Honestly speaking, provoking someone to jealousy …

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Let’s Go Fishing!

I am convinced that deep down in our hearts we all want to be used by God; we want to see people come to Jesus and get saved; or using Jesus’ words, we want to be “Fishers of Men.” But before we can catch anyone else, there are a few …

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