Going Cyber For Israel

Today the cyber world is the most effective method to reach the multitudes with the saving message of Jesus; especially when it comes to sharing the good news with the Jewish people, and even more so – with Israelis!

Did you know that Israelis are spending double the time on-line compared to the worldwide average? For an example, Israel is #1 in the world with an average of 11.1 hours per month on Facebook! Just for a comparison, the US in only 14th on that list with “only” 6.9 hours a month.

The world we live in has changed rapidly in the last few years. It went cyber! And for us to reach the world for Jesus, well… we need to go cyber too.

Please watch our video on the “Shalom” page to see how God is using internet evangelism to reach the people of Israel with the Gospel.

Today you can become a part of our “mission team” to Israel!  No gift is too small… or too big. The more support we will have, the more effective we can be in sharing the Gospel. There is so much more we could do if only we had the resources.

It would be a great blessing if you could support our ministry on a monthly basis. You can easily do it by clicking the “Monthly” button on the Donate page. Together we can Maximize Jewish evangelism in Israel and Worldwide. God bless you today and always as you go cyber for Israel with us!