English Advertising Outreaches Worldwide

Did you know that today in US there are just as many Jewish people as there are in Israel? Yes, around 5 million of God’s chosen people live in the US and speak English. We are talking about a third of the Jewish population worldwide. How many of them believe in Jesus? The estimation is between 3 to 4 hundred thousand. That leaves us with more than 4.5 million unsaved!

“Israel Media Ministries” is taking that personally. For us, those precious people are just as much the people of Israel which we are called to reach.  Being an Israeli-American evangelistic organization, most of us who serve on the Board of Directors are American citizens who have a special heart for American Jews. We know the American Jewish culture. We know the tricks, we know the “shticks”, we know the emotions involved, the objections and also the humor. In other words – we know how to communicate the gospel message  in a very Jewish way. And we know exactly where to reach them on the media. Our vision is not limited to the US though. The last third of the Jewish population, about another 5 million individuals, is scattered in various locations around the world. We are praying for God to open doors for us to reach them as well. They may not live in the Promised Land, but with God’s grace we can be used in leading them to the Jewish Messiah – the heart’s true “Promised Land.”

This is what God has put in our hearts. Is God leading your heart in the same way? We will be honored to partner with you for Israel’s sake.

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