Our Vision

Our vision is to maximize Jewish evangelism in Israel and worldwide.

We believe that God has put us together for a purpose — to bring the gospel back to Israel and to the Jewish people worldwide. We are thrilled and humbled to serve God in that great mission through a variety of activities:

  1. Launching evangelistic advertising outreaches in Israel and worldwide on a steady basis.
  2. Strategizing and producing evangelistic advertising outreaches as a ministry to churches, ministries and organizations who love Israel and the Jewish people.
  3. Communicating the gospel message to Israelis in their own Hebrew language with a cultural understanding of the Israeli mind and Jewish thinking.
  4. Creating a network of follow up and discipleship teams all throughout Israel and the world.
  5. Exhorting and activating evangelism in the body of Messiah.
  6. Fostering Biblical understanding, prayer partners and financial support for Jewish evangelism.
  7. Sharing the good news with multitudes of Jewish people every year.



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